The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space was established in 1967 to bring the best of design for performance, scenography, and theatre architecture to the front line of cultural activities to be experienced by professional and emerging artists as well as the general public. The quadrennial exhibitions, festivals, and educational programs act as a global catalyst of creative progress by encouraging experimentation, networking, innovation, and future collaborations. PQ aims to honor, empower and celebrate the work of designers, artists and architects while inspiring and educating audiences, who are the most essential element of any live performance.

To many, the Prague Quadrennial is a two-week scenography event that takes place every four years. However, since 2003, PQ engages in a continuous stream of activities and collaborations across the globe with many different partners, creatives, disruptors, artists, researchers and theorists. We keep the door open for our performing arts collaborators to stay involved in many varied ways, to participate and contribute to the performance design community. PQ is shedding its “every four-year scenography Olympics” status, and no longer starts with the opening ceremony and ends with the last visitor leaving the exhibition grounds. Our current philosophy reflects the ongoing creative cradle-to-cradle process and an attempt to map the evolution of performance design, scenography and performance space though series of many different events culminating in the Quadrennial Festival and Exhibition.

The Prague Quadrennial is organized and funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and realized by Arts and Theatre Institute.