6—16 6 2019

As part of the planned PQ Studio: Festival, which this year will replace the traditional Zlomvaz Festival, we are planning to build on the tradition of the festival magazine Obratel, which, in view of PQ’s primarily international audience, we have decided to rename Pasquil. Like its predecessor, Pasquil aims to provide detailed information on the festival’s events, and in particular to present a diverse range of views on the festival’s performances in the form of critiques and reviews written by students from the Department of Theory and Criticism. Over the course of 11 festival days, we will be publishing 11 issues covering the previous day’s events. The magazine’s online version can be found here. We wish you an edifying reading experience.

The word pasquil is derived (so the theory goes) from the Italian word pasquinata. Today, it is usually used to describe something that has failed in an almost absurd manner. In the past, however, it meant an insulting, aggressive critique intended to ridicule a particular person or situation, often by distorting or twisting the facts.

Here you can find PASQUIL web page.