Pavilion was conceived as a concept in itself. The construction can be crossed from to both ends. Visible by its neighbours, this assembling welcomes the visitors and offers them a panoramic on the world of art and live performance.

The history written by the Principality of Monaco with live performance is powerful : it hosted Serge de Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes company for many years throughout the last century . The way creation was then considered, by gathering artists from different artistic fields, led to a model which is still a reference today. Historical pieces have indeed been created in Monte-Carlo. This peculiar enlightenment around dance is still broadcasted today by the Compagnie des Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Its creations are multiple, as choreographers of all styles are invited to produce high level shows.

This dynamic of sharing is also at work with the Pavillon Bosio through its collaboration with the Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Indeed, for more than ten years, its director and choreographer, Jean-Christophe Maillot, has been inviting the student-scenographers to join his dancers, thence becoming choreographers for a while.

Accompanied by the pedagogical team of the Pavillon Bosio, they conceive together series of choreographed pieces. The encounter with the public takes place during an event titled the Imprévus _ Unforeseen Events. The shows most often take place in the studios of the company, then transformed in a theater. The stake is here to build a space for encounters, experimentations and sharing around a demanding scenic and choreographic expression. This research laboratory has been giving place to a large number of creations and has been at the origin of the emerging of young authors.

Transformation/ Education
To give a restitution of these stage experiences, to shift them within an exhibition are at the stake of the Pavilion project. It presents a space that is animated by recordings, photographs and archives. If nothing is accurate about the shape this pavilion will take, a certainty remains : the representations will be lively, focusing on the stakes of contemporary creation.

Country/Region Monaco

Curator Dominique Drillot

Curatorial Team Sorrentino Damien, Sandrine Perrin

photo Pavillon Bosio, Ballets de Monte-Carlo / Pavillon Bosio