National School of Theatre Arts - ENAT

The education of scenography at the ENAT - National School of Theatre Arts of Mexico - is structured in a program that includes advanced professional training in scenic design, costume design, lighting design and production design. The exposed work shows the material of two students graduated from the school: Natalia Sedano and Aurelio Palomino. Both have been designing sets, lighting, and costumes in many productions with very different approaches and different styles. The exhibition focuses on their creative processes, showing their work when they were students and how they have progressed by becoming professionals. In the interest to encourage their professional career, we decided to watch the work that these students have done, upon leaving school.

Country/Region Mexico

Curator Philippe Amand

Artists Natalia Sedano

photo Set and Lighting: Natalia Sedano - Photo credit: Isael Almanza, Set and Lighting: Aurelio Palomino - Photo Credit: Aurelio Palomino, Set design: Natalia Sedano - Photo Credit: H├ęctor Ortega