The Prague Experiment

Imaginometric Society presents the Prague Experiment.

The Prague Experiment reflects on the boundaries between technology and human communication, and asserts the uniqueness of direct communication between human beings.

A large group of scholars of a new science, Imaginometrics, founded the Imaginometric Society in order to conceive and design a new instrument capable of an impossible task: detecting and measuring Human Imagination.

Our Imaginometer is an industrial cleanroom, where we investigate the imagination of our visitors, admitted one at a time. We first ask them just to observe and draw or write for us what they imagine they are seeing; next, a measure of their biometric parameters is performed. A musical automaton creates a unique soundscape in real time, combining the sonification of both the biometric parameters and the huge creative energy produced by the Quadrennial. The visitor perceives this soundscape through bone conduction headphones, and this feeling of physical perception of sound accompanies him/her during the stay in the heart of our instrument, the Performative Machine. Five performers interact with the visitor for two minutes, triggered by an Imaginogenic act unknown to them until just before the performance. Each performance is therefore unique and non-repeatable, placing the visitor and the performers in the same condition: the unexpected.

In the core of our Imaginometer, we share with our visitor the first principle of Imaginometrics: Imagination only exists through human interaction. The visitor’s individual imagination interacts with the everchanging imagination of our performers, following the second principle of Imaginometrics: Imagination increases by reflecting itself.

Once the two minutes are over, a second measurement is conducted, generating a unique code; this code will enable each visitor to stream a memory of the experiment from our website, witnessing the third principle of Imaginometrics: Imagination can only be recreated.

Finally, we will ask our visitor to write a maximum of ten words describing/remembering the experience. These words become the Imaginative Acts of our next experiment, bearing in itself a memory of the Prague Experiment.

The Prague Experiment complies with Milo Rau’s Ghent Manifest.


Country/Region Italy

Presenting Organization A project by Scuola di Scenografia, Accademia di Brera in collaboration with Scuola di Musica Elettronica, Conservatorio di Milano

Curator Franco Ripa di Meana

Curatorial Team Federico Tesio (Set design), Sylviane Sapir (Music and Sonic Interaction Design)

Team Ambra ACCORSI: Costume designer/Performer, Michael BARTELONI: Network and Communication, Gloria BOLCHINI: Project Designer/Performer, Beatrice BRUSCHI: Performer, Andrea CERIANI: Project Designer/Performer, Lujun CHEN: Performer, Bleiz DEL SETTE: Network and Communication, Jury FERRARI: Performer, Lodovico GANDELLINI: Performer, Elena GRAGLIA: Performer, Simone GREGIS: Biometric Data Acquisition, Giulia GUALAZZI: Photographer, Yajing LI: Performer, Giulia LONGONI: Performer, Stefano MANCUSO: Algorithmic Composition, Michela MANTEGAZZA: Project Designer/Performer, Enzo MOLOGNI: Project Manager, Cristina MOLTENI: Performer, Maddalena MORETTI: Performer, Erica NATALI: Performer, Marco NEGRONI: Digital Communication Coordinator, Cinzia PIETRIBIASI: Performative Machine responsible/Performer, Caterina POMANTE: Art Director/Performer, Letizia ROVERELLI: Social Media Manager, Carlotta RUFFA: Web designer, Giorgia RUZZANTE: Performer, Stefano SCLABAS: Project Designer/Performer, Matteo TANDELLI: Biometric Data Acquisition, Matteo TOMASETTI: Data Sonification, Paolo VANOLI: Performer, Lidia ZANELLI: Performer, Salvatore ZAPPALA’: Web-app developer

Partners Sponsored by Evo Group, Modena

photo The Imaginometric Society