D-Press explores the essence of scenography and its uniqueness. Every theatre production begins with a text, which the scenographer interprets in three dimensions, using materials such as wood, metal, and fabric. Beyond the tangible objects that make up the set, the scenographer must also convey the intangibles – like mood and period to create an immersive experience that activates the senses.

The art of theatre must contend with the parameter "time." It should arouse an intellectual and emotional response in the audience of the present. The world of the set is the bridge between space and time, never recreating something old rather using real images to create a unique reality which will be experienced from a new perspective.

To what extent is the designer beholden to rules and to what extent can you break the rules? Can Shakespeare's Macbeth be set in Chekov's Cherry Orchard? The criterion is always the same, what is between X, Y, and Z should awaken interest.

Country/Region Israel

Curator Lily Ben Nachshon

Curatorial Team Alexander Lisiyansky

Artists Noa Bendahan, Devorah Nagar, Shoval Salvi, Noa Nassie, Adi Nidam, Lin Shalom Shalom, Liyah Hozeh, Tom LIttman, Shiran Levi, Maya Babila, Adi Bieber, Noa Etgar, Noa Fridman, Shaked Naor, Ronnie Shimron, Tal Weiss, Dan Glezer, Noga Hassid, Chen Orr

photo Lily Ben Nachshon/Devorah Nagar, Alexander Lisiyansky