The Anteroom / Cuid

The Anteroom, designed by students and graduates of IADT, is an immersive installation that combines both physical and digital scenography to create an interactive digital mirror in a 3-dimensional space. This piece is a collaboration between artists coming from both physical design and creative coding backgrounds. Taking Plato’s allegory of the cave as a reference point, this installation explores the idea of mediated unrealities. Within this cave-like environment various levels of reality and unreality exist simultaneously. So much of our current experience of the world is fed through visual representations which are in turn influenced by various ideologies, technologies, companies and algorithms. This piece provides a space for self-reflection and new perspectives on the use of the participant’s image.

Cuid, designed by students and graduates of IT Sligo, is a multi-channel video art piece. Protest has been the pinnacle of Irish change over the last number of years. Attitudes to sexuality in Ireland where impervious to the values in Western societies which created an oppressive culture of violent subterfuge and silent submission in a male dominated environment. The portrayal of the Irish woman is explored through digital image, conveying her place in the patriarchal structures of the Catholic church and the destruction of this through protest movements where human rights were vociferated. Some progress has ensued.

The Anteroom/Cuid presents a number of works from various emerging theatre artists based in Ireland. These works are presented together as part of the graduate section of the Irish Society of Stage and Screen Designers (ISSSD) and are supported by the Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT) and the Institute of Technology Sligo (IT Sligo).

Country/Region Ireland

photo Niamh McGrath, Paul Kerney