What is in the Cloud?

What is in the Cloud?

The concept of the exhibition was developed together by students in Scenography at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and in Set Design at the Kaposvár University's Rippl-Rónai Faculty of Arts, also involving students from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.

The cloud in our installation shows imagination as a spontaneous process. Our thoughts, just like a cloud, may wander, change shape or morph into something different in the blink of an eye. Volatility inspired this both palpable and elusive element of our work. Stage design is the realization of the imagination inspired by parallel journeys, adventures in the depths of our inner world and experiences offered by the outer world. It enriches the opus with the dimension of the verbally inexpressible. Our exhibition captures this feature of imagination, and portrays its journey.

The basis of the exhibit is a platform divided into boxes, covered by a clear plexiglass floor. The boxes form a spiralling track towards the centre of the installation. Each box is a personal territory where student designers can place the documents and objects representing their inner journey of the creative process: sketchbooks, plans, material samples, models, special objects, video materials, all hidden like archeological finds. The system of displays visible from above gives the chance of developing a series of microworlds, while their totality traces out the path of unbound fantasy.

The meaning of the cloud is further enriched by the unique QR codes featured on each of the boxes that reflect on the contemporary means of data storage and communication systems as well. By accessing the weblinks through these QR codes visitors will reach the personal website of each student, where they can browse through the works of the given student. This is how the initial inspirations, drafts, imagination become a finished work in the virtual "Cloud" (iCloud).

You can find out what is in the cloud.

Country/Region Hungary

Team Project Manager: Mara Bozóki, Professional Consultant: Judit Csanádi, Technical and Construction Consultant: Győző Herédi

Curatorial Team Edit Zeke, Zsuzsa Molnár, Piroska É. Kiss, Gabriella Kiss

Artists Aliz Zsuzsanna Kovács, Petra Cseh, Dominika Horváth, Anita Patrícia Hosszú, Edina Korom, Nikolett Vipler, Tímea Wachtler, Alexandra Auer, Dzsenifer Gindele, Zsófia Gúth, Mária Hodován, Rebeka Jakab, Panna Kárpáti, Eszter Koncz, Krisztina Kopp, Noémi Lencsés, Lili Mestyán, Emese Zsófia Sántha, Boglárka Varga, Dávid Maruscsák, Nikolett Szabó

photo 3D design: Petra Cseh, 3rd year students in Scenography of Kaposvár University's Rippl-Rónai Faculty of Arts