In the Student Exhibition Section, we will be including their course work that can reflect their imagination and interpretation of dance, drama, musical, and opera. Other chosen pieces represent production work in collaboration with School of Chinese Opera, School of Dance, School of Drama, and School of Music, where their understanding and contribution to realise the performance as a complete art work will be shown.
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, established in 1984, is a leading tertiary institution in performing arts in Asia. It provides professional undergraduate education (BFA) and practice-based postgraduate studies (MFA).

Country/Region Hong Kong

Curator Bacchus Lee

Curatorial Team Bacchus Lee, Pei-Yee Li, On-Kei Lai, Mei-Yi Ho, Ting-Hin Wong, Wai-Kan Chung, Hoi-Ying Cheung, Ho-Kwong Cheung, Yannus On-Lai Li, Wai Kit Cheong, Pok-Shun Kan

photo HKAPA