50°06'23.6"N 14°25'45.9"E

Camps are organized, structured, and operate according to a specific system. Concentration camps, refugee camps, inventories, night camps, resting places, arsenals, warehouses. Camps are a permanent feature of our society and yet they lack a clear definition. The multi-sensory space created for Prague physically and psychologically challenges its visitors and makes them decide on their own system.

Upon entering the installation visitors are greeted in a kiosk by a friendly person behind a counter. They are then invited to enter the premises in an orderly manner. Walking through the installation, guests decide by optional sharing of information which room they enter next. The visitors thus become part of the system and determine their individual room experience themselves.

In the spiral-shaped arrangement of the rooms, the guests find themselves once again behind the counter of the kiosk, which marks the start and end point of the cycle through the installation. Students of the Set and Costume Design department from the HfBK Dresden present a room installation on the occasion of the Prague Quadrennial 2019. The artistic team deals with the diverse meanings of the term “camp” and condenses the different approaches to a walk-in space concept.

Country/Region Germany

Curator Michel Kattrin

Curatorial Team Agathe MacQueen, Paul Bauer

Artists Swantje Silber, Hannah Enste, Katharina Quandt, Dina Zaitev, Emilia Schenke, Manuel Radke, Christoph Magnus

photo (c) Katharina Quandt, (c) Hannah Enste