Replicate An Effort

"The paint on the desk is still a vague mass of colorant, pigment and binder soon to be transformed into an image. I am intrigued by the moment the transformation is happening. Paint may still seem arbitrary without having the status of an image. The beginning of any painting is abstract if looking at the first patch of color. Since the times of cave paintings people have depicted better life. Everything that we have now has been gained thanks to the imagination of our ancestors. What will come in the future is created right now."

Looking at her own scenography for the production of Mountains (Estonian Drama Theatre, 2016), Liisi Eelmaa is seeking to blend photography and painting. While merging the two different mediums, she interrogates both painting and splashes of colored paint on it. She explores both mediums by transforming the object into different scale, weight and substance. The colors ability of expression is relevant both physically and on a photographic image.

Country/Region Estonia

Curator Inga Vares

Curatorial Team Inga Vares

Artists Liisi Eelmaa, Mihkel Tomberg (sound)

photo Liisi Eelmaa