Prague is not Czech

The Prague is not Czech exhibition presents scenography in an exhibition space and within the setting of the surrounding landscape. Visitors first encounter the sales booth of a fictional travel agency – i.e. an “installation” that is at home in exhibition and trade fair space. The booth offers educational tours aimed at introducing travelers to life in small Czech towns, villages, and in the countryside. Visitors who accept the offer become co-actors in the exhibition’s second level, a curated experience presenting the reality of the chosen location. A forest, a kettle, rubber boots, strawberries, a factory, beer, a pub, a shop – scenography can be all this and more.

The exhibition’s authors hope to introduce visitors to the Prague Quadrennial (especially foreign visitors) to authentic Czech life by making the chosen non-Prague locations physically present, and thus to engage in dialogue with a real place and real people. The performer becomes the audience and the audience the performer, and their mutual interactions create a changing picture of the particular place.

The Intelektrurálně (English: Intelectrurally) Collective understands scenography as a means for giving an event the context without which the chosen place would not possess the desired meanings. Each trip organized by Prague is not Czech represents a distinctive scenographic realization that, through the lens of theatre, can be seen as an experience. In this understanding, scenography “shows” the audience meanings and it “places itself” into the role of something that should be seen, heard, touched, or tasted.


Country/Region Czech Republic

Curator Kolektiv Intelektrurálně

Curatorial Team Adam Dudek, Eva Sýkorová, Andrea Dudková, Jan Matýsek, Anna Chrtková

Partners Janáčkova akademie múzických umění v Brně

photo Google Street View, Kristýna Žáčková, Anna Chrtková, Kristýna Žáčková