Vestigios de Piedra

Vestigios de Piedra is a sensory journey, which is made up of games of lights, texture, and shapes that invite the viewer to join and be part of the research of designers on the pre-Columbian Costa Rican spheres.

When arriving at the space, where outside it seems controlled and methodical, small parts of the central structure are dazzled, windows that give to the interior, generating the curiosity of those who approach. That curiosity is the metaphor of the whole project.

Since the aforementioned pre-Columbian spheres are a fundamental part of the identity and history of Costa Rica, but despite the study of them, they still keep many enigmas, and the best way to understand them is to enter them. A melody that evokes nature, wind sounds and voice games, are the first stimuli, creating a psychedelic space to start the game with light and illusionism with mirrors that reflect the light placed in an arc, to complete the circle of three meters in diameter.

A very light mist generates the experience of the tropical forests, textures of moss, vegetation, and aromas accompany it. In this way there is a contrast with what we observed outside the structure in a first impression.

The objective is for the spectator to feel part of the immensity of the world that contains them. So that only the ritual generates that true closeness to them. The structure is a hemisphere, formed by triangular modules based on the mathematics of Buckminster Fuller to generate a geodesic dome. Light and resistant materials make this a structure with itinerant ease.

This structure, generated by triangles, creates the facility for the different vessels that allow to see its interior. The layout of the space starts from the central element in one of the corners, accompanied by different structures that support it, support points, and help in the creation of a fabric that goes from these secondary structures to the primary one. Forming a complex element, but with an interior in harmony with the essence of the spheres".

Country/Region Costa Rica

Curator Felipe Da Silva

Curatorial Team Carlos Schmidt, Mariela Richmond, Michelle Canales, Fito Guevara

photo Teatro Melico Salazar, Gustavo Abarca, colectivo