THEÁOMAI is an artistic object of a sculptural nature that calls the visitor to enter through its particular structure. It seems as if it sheds its own skin just for undressing the stand and revealing its most intimate secrets, clamming though the necessity of struggle in theatre and arts.

A verse of a poem will guide the spectators to the entrance. The visitor will connect somehow this verse with what they will find inside, discussing with it, becoming playwright for few minutes.

Inside, the four members of our scenography team will work on weaving a long yellow wool ribbon during the time the quadrennial takes place, non-stop, generating with a simple but significative action a yellow wake that will invade the whole space. The set designer becomes then the center of the scene and transforms it, and his gaze is the starting point of a theatre committed to freedom of expression and to diversity of opinions and thoughts.

Our proposal wants to encourage the artists to remain with their eyes wide open and transform the stage into a place for discussion where audience question its own ideas.

Many thanks to: Anna Gual, poet.

Country/Region Catalonia

Curator Bibiana Puigdefàbregas and Marta Rafa

Curatorial Team Roger Orra Munt

Artists Lola Belles Sampere, Sergi Cerdan Aguado, Sara Espinosa Perez, Lucas Ubach Corpas

photo Belles-Cerdan-Espinosa-Ubach, Lucas Ubach