The Idea Shelter

Students and emerging artists from Canada coast to coast along with students from Quebec host a scenographic exhibit inspired by the image of the Idea Shelter.

The Idea Shelter is inspired by the collective past of English and French Canada, as cultures who have all come from elsewhere in our own or in our ancestor’s past. The central element is the frame of a shelter representing the place to which we have all come as Canadians.

This space is a creative changing scenographic space that is animated each day by our students, altering the interaction. This work and the evolution of the space is documented and replayed on video within the exhibition. Along with video created by students about their process.
Surrounding the Idea Shelter is a series of cylinders in which work is presented by the students and emerging artists from all of the participating schools. The work has been created for the exhibition based on the theme of transformation and migration. Participating schools are: University of Victoria, University of Calgary, University of Alberta, University of Saskatchewan, University of Toronto, Ryerson University and Dalhousie University-Fountain School of Performing Arts. With support from the Associated Designers of Canada.

Country/Region Canada

Curator Karyn McCallum

Curatorial Team Marie-Claude Pion, Paul Cegys, Anna Shearing

photo Karyn McCallum, Associated Designers of Canada