Students` ability to imagine are the key for transformation. Imagination as the centre of creative process stablishes links between reality and Utopia. Brazil Student Exhibition curators, therefore, also provoked students to articulate creative tactics of negotiation for the spaces-times situations we daily face. The selected projects, required to fit into a post office standard box, privilege imaginative and interactive proposals to transform local or global contexts, presented in 3 categories:

SPACE[ex]POSITIVE for the first time students designed their exhibition space, invited to explore positive and innovative ways of expose the works of the other two categories in coexistence. The work selected for this category reflects the concepts of imagination, transformation and interaction.

EXPO [form]ACTION encompasses the projects from students of various institutions, developed with tutor’s guidance, covering the areas of design for performance: set, costume, lighting, sound, makeup, architecture, technology, etc, for this category, 16 projects were selected by a jury.

[talk]ACTIVE is a sharing face-to-face and/or virtual meeting, presenting 08 selected working methodologies and practices. This program will take place daily, within the exhibition in a dedicated space. The works were selected through video-lessons, motivated by the question: What is fundamental for artistic training in design for performance?

Country/Region Brazil

Curator Aby Cohen

Curatorial Team André Sanches, Carolina Bassi, Luiz Henrique Sá, Cassia Monteiro, Desiree Bastos

Artists Carolina Lyra Barros da Silva Esteves, Sara Fagundes Soares de Oliveira, Joana Angélica Lavallé de Mendonça Silva, Camilla Ferreira Puertas, Fernanda Nunes de Sousa, Jean Bruno Carvalho, Olívia Campelo de Freitas, Vi, Leonardo Palma de Sant’Anna da Silva, Sofia Ribeiro Almeida Magalhaes, Pedro Luiz Chaves Pereira, Bruna Camurça Freitas, Marianne de Lazari Ferreira, Marília Beatriz Misailidis de Camargo, Luma Cortes Wyzykowska, Lina da Hora e Almendra, Elen da Silva Carvalho, Branca Peixoto Vasconcelos

photo photo by Calen Dawkins