Through Hands

We create and pass trough hands an endless variety of things. People unite worlds by shaking hands and at the same time break them by fists. Hands are one of the most ancient symbols of the culture of the mankind. Parents’ warm hands, master’s hands, hands of a destructor, an iron hand of the power, God’s hand – a list of epithets is never ending. Even in the age of high technologies we can say with confidence that almost everything created by a man is hand –made as even most complicated machines and robots spring up in somebody’s hands. Making complicated 3-D models on our computers we still use our hands.
Those hands prints are the basis of the concept of the Belarusian students’ pavilion. Young theatre artists from Belarus are going to present their first so-called “ prints in theatre art” in the pavilion which were born in the sacrament between the brainchild and the enigmatical hands of the artist. They are going to show their vision of the modern Belarusian theatre.

Belarusian students’ pavilion is welcoming everyone. Friends, colleagues from all over the world, let’s get acquainted and shake hands.

Country/Region Belarus

Curator Lidziya Malashenka

Artists Sergei Ashukha, Ekaterina Shimanovich, Alexandra Karnazhytskaya, Krisitina Baranova, Lidziya Malashenka, Kseniya Khomenkova, Alina Sivets, Ulyana Slesareva, Yanina Gordiyonok, Julia Konovalova, Alexandra Granstrem

photo Siarhei Ashukha, lidziya Malashenka, Alexandra Karnazhytskaya