Utopian Fashion

Utopian Fashion is an anthropological research concept about human-costume relations, where costume creates a new renaissance-community. It is a theatrical spectacle aimed at looking at the far future of humanity through the perspective of costume. Costume is a tool that signifies human personality, the role that humans take on, which, often converging in his personality, becomes an inseparable part of his core essence. Where costume is no longer an external decoration, it is the “icon” of humankind.

Costume is functional; it is a productive communications system. Putting on a certain costume we put into action the script or the ritual, that we have pre-programmed. Putting on a bridal gown, we put into practice the wedding mechanism with its scripts and rituals. Putting on jeans and a t-shirt we put into action the script of liberty, equality, and democratic rituals.

What script and rituals do these future-predicting costumes put into practice? The main motif is the human world and nature, the flora and fauna. A human creates himself and can transform himself into another human. But in Utopia the possibility of that transformation extends infinitely: the human can become a part of flora, as in Arcimboldo’s fantasies, or communicate with fauna as in totem and animist religions.

How will this costume influence human behaviour? By wearing this costume, the human will return to his humanistic worldview and harmony, or by denying his existing body and putting himself into a new natural and animal body, he will pay tribute to animal instincts. Or maybe, liberating himself from conscious and moral principles, but preserving human genetic features, a transformation of an entirely new human being who will challenge nature by making it accept him as the newest humankind, will be born.

Utopian Fashion synthesizes sensory perceptions. These breathing costumes give the audience an opportunity to experiment by mentally wearing them and creating their own Utopia…

Country/Region Armenia

Presenting Organization Eiva Arts Foundation

Curator Lia Mkhitaryan

Artists Arshak Sarkissian

Team Arshak Sarkissian, Lia Mkhitaryan, Lilit Stepanian, Rolf Gehlhaar, Vardan Jaloyan, Photographer: Samvel Vanoyan

photo Samvel Vanoyan