Island Invisible

It’s located between longitudes 120 and 122 degrees East and between latitudes 22 and 25 degrees North.
Although a long time ago the sea didn’t exist.
In front of you, on this vast open sea, there is an island.
The island has had so many names.
So many that I can’t recall any.

Climate change is being mentioned time and again, but we wonder if the latest warning delivered by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will easily fade into today’s information explosions, and whether Doomsday will come true in our times. Based on these, we’ve built an “AR path” to communicating with the world. The infinity of AR reflects that Taiwanese people always try to “shine brightly across borders.” It also reveals that, pitifully, Taiwan’s global status has remained obscure. The story told here at the Taiwan Exhibition is an admonishing one. Other than expressing concerns for the Earth’s future, it shows how technology has eroded modern life – when people become attached to technology, going virtual is inevitable. Beneath these hot topics, we sincerely hope that our messages can be well delivered to the audience – amidst waters and mists, Taiwan as a virtual existence in this world and “island of treasures” floats on and on.

Country/Region Taiwan

Presenting Organization Taiwan Association of Theatre Technology

Curator Yi-Sheng WANG

Artists Yi-Sheng WANG, Blair KAO, Shih-Lun LIN, Ming-Lun WU, Jhao-Cian WANG, Chun-I LEE, GELLYBOMB Co. , Ltd, Taiwan Smile Folksong Group

photo HO, Ting-An, LIN, Shih-Lun; Lee, Jen