Artificial Arcadia: Measured and Adjustable(?) Landscapes

We humans have learned to collect and process data. However, can we also put this new technology to use in combination with “real-life” nature? Can such a symbiotic mix open up possibilities for new shapes and aesthetics, new ways of understanding and critical thinking? To what extent is full-blown digitalisation and the new complexity of natural landscape moving people away from the sensorial and romantic representation they had of nature? Computational tools and digital technologies are a new type of infrastructure that allow humans to measure, record, and visualize natural phenomena in real time. Against this backdrop, the project creates a performative scenographic landscape, a social and dynamic spatial platform that invites the audience to embark on an interactive journey, and highlights how the contemporary Swiss landscape blends natural, artificial, infrastructural and digital realms. The design of the space is inspired by the aesthetic of Swiss infrastructure, specifically by construction profiles (Bauprofile), which in Switzerland function as a means of announcing prospective new buildings and triggering a (political) debate. As members of the public enter the space to observe, interact, and perform, the shape of the space will be altered to form artificial terrains reminiscent of Swiss mountain landscapes in the textile ceiling roof. The full digitalisation of the scene, projected in real time on a hanging screen, is used in a metaphorical way to raise awareness of the impact and modifications people and infrastructure may cause to natural environments. Through a variety of processes, reinterpretable images of Switzerland emerge as an idyllic and natural comfort zone, aimed at bringing together digital technologies and ecological awareness.

Country/Region Switzerland

Presenting Organization Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Team COMMISSIONERS: Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. Rachele Giudici Legittimo (Project Leader), Gianna Conrad (Project Assistant), PARTICIPANTS (EXHIBITORS): Fragmentin (Laura Perrenoud, Marc Dubois, David Colombini) and KOSMOS architects (Artem Kitaev, Leonid Slonimskiy), Performance: Camille Alena in collaboration with Stan Iordanov, COLLABORATORS: André Andrade (Fragmentin Intern), Jan Petyrek (Production Assistant), K. Shomesova (KOSMOS architects Assistant), Marianna Stránská (Production Assistant Performances), Souad Perrenoud (Accountant)

photo (c) Radek Ulehla / Pro Helvetia