Self-upbringing: Scene Work Ahead

In Self-upbringing: Scene Work Ahead the notion of scene design is used as a tool to analyse cultural policies of Yugoslavia and Serbia that have shaped – designed the conditions in which artistic practices exist(ed) and develop(ed). A series of emblematic historical events, political decisions and practices are chosen through extensive research and turned into artistic materials that make up the exhibition. Speaking from the position of precarity that can be seen as a universal and unifying condition of work and life, but also as opening a new space of struggle, Scene Work Ahead, through tools of scene design and performance, focuses, deconstructs, and materialises two concepts of production: state cultural institutions and self-organised artistic scene embedded in periods of socialism and restoration of capitalism.

The exhibition is realised in two parts. One is a result of collective work – a spatial, architectural and textual object which is activated by performing interventions and interacting with the audience in the course of the Quadrennial. This open and performative installation is designed and structured as a collage of various elements. It is a complex system varying in definition and presentation – of collective work characteristic of performing arts, of stage performance ephemeral nature and of relations established between different artistic practices within the exhibition’s unique framework.

The second part, entitled A View of the Scene, presents the artists whose practice is displayed through the documentation of the scene design works, realised in the past four years and selected through an open call. In the selection process, special attention was paid to collective and co-authored works, groups and individuals coming from other fields of art and recognising their practice as the art of performing space as well. Furthermore, we consider that, in addition to the works created in the institutional theatre, it is also important to draw attention to the precarious practice of scene design that is created under the material conditions of the non-institutional art scene.

Country/Region Serbia

Presenting Organization Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade; Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad; SCEN - Centre for Scene Design, Architecture and Technology (OISTAT Centre for Serbia); Programme Council: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović, Tatjana Dadić Dinulović, Slobodan Danko Selinkić, Milica Cukić and Dobrivoje Milijanović; Comissioners: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović and Tatjana Dadić Dinulović

Curatorial Team Bojan Djordjev, Siniša Ilić, Maja Mirković

Artists INVITED AUTHORS: Milutin Dapčević (Actor), Mirjana Dragosavljević (Art Historian & Curator), Dušica Dražić (Visual Artist), Selena Orb (Costume & Stage Designer), Vladimir Pejković (Composer), Katarina Popović (Graphic & Process Designer), Igor Vasiljev (Stage Designer), Tanja Šljivar (Playwright); A VIEW OF THE SCENE, ARTISTS AND ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES: Mia David, authors of the performance Borderline Beauty (The Exceptional Bob, Stevan Bodroža, Goran Milenković, Željko Maksimović, Tamara Pjević and Petar Mirković), Nikola Isaković, group of authors The Applause Institute (Stevan Beljić, Luka Cvetković, Stefan Knežević, Katarina Kostandinović, Milan Nasković, Kristina Nikolić, Jakov Ponjavić, Dušan Savić, Vanja Seferović, Tamara Spalajković), Jelena Janković, Karkatag Collective, Marko Mili, group of authors Broken Light (Sonja Jankov, Đina Prnjat, Janž Ormezu and Nemanja Mitrović), Sofija Mitrović, Igor Koruga & Maja Pelević, Zorana Petrov, Jovana Rakić, Aleksandar Ramadanović, Andreja Rondović, Branislava Stefanović, Veljko Stojanović, Urbanium – Centre for Research and Sustainable Development in Architecture and Urban Planning (Natalija Bogdanović, Marija Simović, Aleksa Đurić, Petar Simović, Tihomir Dičić, Fedor Jurić, Bogdan Đokić, Ana Zorić, Miloš Kostić, Desirée Tilinger, Jovana Vidaković), Srđan Veljović, Marta Popivoda & Ana Vujanović, Nikola Zavišić

Team Project Manager – Aleksandra Pešterac; Assistant Project Manager – Bojana Nikolić; Production Manager – Andrija Dinulović; Researchers – Aleksandra Tatić, Jelena Veljković; Video Editing of competition works (A View of the Scene) – Jelena Maksimović; Production Team – Dragana Jovović and UAL United Artist Labor, Belgrade (National Exhibition executive production), Janko Dimitrijević, Neda Šorak Krndija, Anđa Brstina; Technical Production Team – Object Constructors; Technical Production Supervisor – Vladimir Ilić; Static Analysis and Report – Milomir Mitrović; Technical Elaboration – Jelena Veljković; Serbian Catalogue Graphic Design & Pre-press – Mia David; Serbian Catalogue Production – Bojana Nikolić; Photo Team – Nemanja Knežević (manager), Ivanino DeVillano Đukić, Staša Vučetić

Partners Supported by Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia

photo Siniša Ilić