Czech Radio Vltava: Virtual reality for your ears

Discussion with the creators of a binaural radio drama

On June 11, for the first time ever the Czech Radio Vltava station will put on the binaural play The Sleep Wing of Adelaide Carpenter. Come and learn more about binaural sound, the ASMR phenomenon and the authors of the radio drama. The guests of Klára Fleyberková will be Katharina Schmitt, the author and director, Kateřina Rathouská, the script editor, and Michal Rataj, the sound designer.

Katharina Schmitt’s play has been made using a unique method, the so called “binaural technique”, which means that the listener perceives all of the voices and sounds three-dimensionally. When they close their eyes, they are taken to some sort of retirement home where an elderly man is desperately trying to fall asleep, assisted by the whispers of a young girl, talking to him from an ASMR video clip. We find ourselves in the man’s head, within his stream of consciousness…

Free entry

15 06 2019 14:00—15:00
Where Central Hall