Ultimate Antitool

The exhibition offers critical commentary on the current situation between our society, environment and technology: feverishly produced new machines and devices rapidly transform into waste. This project is the result of the intermedia collaboration of students of Alternative Theatre and Audiovisual Studies departments of Academy of Performing Arts; Academy of Fine Arts; Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and Czech Technical University in Prague.

Questioning our urban relation to nature, students of the Alternative department at DAMU designed a permaculture garden on the terrace. Focusing on the theme of sustainability, lectures and performances will be held in the space.

10 June, 18:00–21:00 exhibition opening
11–13 June, 11:00–17:00
DAMU R111, 112
6–16 June
DAMU 3rd Floor Terrace

10 06 2019 18:00—21:00
Where DAMU

11 06 2019 11:00—17:00
Where DAMU

12 06 2019 11:00—17:00
Where DAMU

13 06 2019 11:00—17:00
Where DAMU