Experience a night on island among aliens!

A unique immersive production to occasion of the 14th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. CAMPQ is one of the many camps where the newcomers from other planets have found their refuge - mysterious Phoenic women, survivors of the technically advanced civilization Zeyris and animalistic Attas that haven´t stopped worshiping their Queen even on the planet Earth. Do they have a right to be among us? Are we able to integrate them? An audience will be given a chance to find answers to these questions during almost eight hours long visit on an Open Day of this unique adaptation camp.

Directed by: Martina Schlegelová, Ivo Kristián Kubák, Petr Hašek, Tomáš Loužný

Stage Design Aneta Grňáková, Anna Hrušková, Pavla Kamanová, Ivana Kanhäuserová, Kamila Polívková, Antonín Šilar, Ján Tereba and Jana Špalová

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Country/Region Czech Republic

Artists Claudia Cedó, Joan Yago, Marie Nováková and David Košťák

06 06 2019 21:00
Where Vila Štvanice

08 06 2019 21:00
Where Vila Štvanice

10 06 2019 21:00
Where Vila Štvanice