House Beating

House Beating is a performative artwork that spans across media of choreography, composition, and art installation. It evolved from a practice of embodying the ideals of modernist architecture. Together, the collective of artists (re)interprets Le Corbusier’s and Xenakis’s revolutionary concepts of performing space and recontextualizes them in the contemporary architectural reality. Powerful physical choreography consists of complex partnering movement vocabulary rooted in urban dance and the study of bodily innate architecture. House Beating explores borderline physical abilities of the body in dialogue with an organically morphing wooden entity. The work anticipates the moment of emergence, creation, construction. The organic and the inorganic continuously meet and engage in the shared process of space creation. Virtuosic musical score inspired by Xenakis and Cage compositions for percussion is the driving force of the performance.

Artistic Direction and Management – Hygin Delimat;
Choreography, Dance – Hygin Delimat, Elias Choi-Buttinger;
Music – Anna Maria Chlebus (percussion),
Voland Székely (percussion);
Sculpture Design, Performance – Andreas Buttinger;
Performance – Weng Teng Choi-Buttinger + 2 students of JAMU Brno Matouš Adam, Daniel Kvašňovský

The Performance is part of the official TANEC PRAHA Festival.
Touring support – Dance On Tour Austria,
Austrian Cultural Forum Prague


Country/Region Austria, Poland

Artists Body Architects

08 06 2019 15:00
Where PEG 7

09 06 2019 17:15
Where PEG 7