Flashtalks 4

14:30 – 16:00
Beyond Script and Stage. Influencing Factors of Costume Design, Production and Maintenance in a Found Space.
Alex Gilbert – CA

The presentation will centre on the challenges and variables one can face when producing costumes located in a “found space” type of theatre facility. Examples include ancient outdoor theatres to converted barns.

Street Performance Contemporary Objects Project: The Self and the Automaton
Marcela I. Oteiza-Silva – CL, US

In The self and the automaton, I focus on how scenographic objects, specifically human representations utilized in street performances, can convey cultural and social understanding of what it means to be human; by looking at their material body; how the objects perform their humanity; and how the object relates to the urban environment where it comes to be. Street performances from FITAM.

The New Building of the Slovak National Theatre as a Reflection of Time
Ivona Solčániová – SK, CZ

The New Building of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava is often presented as a modern and well-equipped contemporary theatre. The presentation will show how the architectural design of the building faced the long-term process of realisation and will take a look at the current stage machinery of the building.

Fluid Temporalities: Scenographic-Space(s) in Architecture, Choreography & Performance Arts
Vicky Spanovangelis – GR,UK

Fluid Temporalities’ explores scenography in relation to the choreography-architecture dialogue. Scenographic space is ever more relevant to the multi-modal nature of contemporary architecture and performance art. The presentation elaborates experience of architectural space in choreographic contexts, proposing scenography as a processual tool expanding beyond the physical intervention of set.

Moon-Catcher: Urban Spaces and The Sense of Belonging
Lily Zand, Tiam Schaper – US

What makes you feel you belong?
Interstitial urban public spaces as a stage to make the connection to the place happen.

These efforts acknowledge the links between identity and spatiality as a function of race and sexuality.
The performances of the everyday practice of life – stitching the “here and now” with “memories”, as a transformative process, will aid the sense of belonging.

Theater of Cruelty – spatial implication of Antonin Artaud’s visions
Tereza Špindlerová – CZ, DE

The Theater of Cruelty was a vision for a revolution in theater as described by the French Surrealist poet and actor, Antonin Artaud. Even though the proper spatial setting for the Theater of Cruelty was never fully materialized, it marked the posterior development of theater spaces deeply. How would it have turned out if Artaud could build the spaces according to his manifestos?

Scenography of the Imagination: Exhibiting Archival Sound Through an Experimental Audio Tour
Seth Warren-Crow, Heather Warren-Crow – US

Our presentation will discuss our experimental audio tour of the Museum of Performance + Design (San Francisco, USA) and its surrounding neighborhood. Moved by theatre studies’ sonic turn, we will address the ways in which the tour drew participants’ attention to the unique role of sound in live performance as well as the materiality of the media involved in accessing the sounds of the past.

10 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Where Krizik E