The Vanishing Boundaries Between Physical and Digital World. Discussion Panel with 36Q° Curators and Artistic Team

New technology offers exciting means and possibilities to artists capable of keeping up with rapid technological advancements. 36Q° and its PQ 2019 incarnation Blue Hour is a large-scale international project bringing together artists from diverse media disciplines both within and outside the theatre to create an immersive experience.
From major international lighting installations and VR experiences, to projection design for national opera houses and systems development for major corporate events, the artists behind Blue Hour bring a wide range of creating specialized and innovative experiences for contemporary audiences.

As PQ draws to a close, PQ Artistic Director and 36Q° initiator Markéta Fantová sits down with members of the curatorial-artistic team to discuss their experience and views on the future of digital media‘s influence on live entertainment, their thoughts on working in non-traditional team structures and current trends that offer immersive digital experiences to audiences, and question the digital age in our society.

15 06 2019 19:00—21:00
Where Krizik E