I <3 Shop Chão

The performance I <3 Shop Chão aims to recreate the relation of exchange settled in a commercial model called: “Shop Floor”; through the experience of the participants, highlighting questions about memory, value paradoxes and shaping the identity of both agents of this model, the work can be seen as an ephemeral and nomadic collection of precarious material and products from different places. It consists of memory recycling where human interchange is the main aesthetic object in itself. There is a close relationship between remembrance and identity impression. The notion of an individual as well as remembrance is induced and led according to the interaction with other individuals and institutions. In this way, the subject is not only one but has many levels that transform themselves according to the kind of relation established around it, so its memories have the same mobility. The settlement of identity is a cultural and symbolic process realized from distinct roots; these roots are settled in a context of time and space within which individuals search for the foundational elements of their mutable identity. In this context, the performance becomes a support for the exchange, in which the fragment of the memory and identity, through public spaces, must be used in order to maintain the values and remembrance, being pertinent to an urban globalized environment. The singularity of this practice resides in its flow and in the actors and their exchanges. Do not attempt to plan and domesticate public areas creating new relations between the participants and these spaces.

Art Director – Nicole Marengo;
Performer – Bia Dacosta


Country/Region Brazil

Artists Nicole Marengo

09 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza

10 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza

11 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza

13 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza