Queue Machines

Before and between entering venues or getting served, users of spaces spend a lot of their time queueing. The queue structure theory divides queuing into three stages: standing, waiting and serving. With Queue Machines, YZAM explores and challenges these stages and their scenographic and performative potential. Queueing theory, as the name suggests, is a study of long waiting lines done to predict queue lengths and waiting time, used largely in the field of operational, retail analytics. Our artistic approach derived from the theory examines the three stages and concentrates on the potentiality of the waiting time itself and how it influences our experience in this zone X, the zone between A standing and B serving. What is this waiting space in different contexts, what is its quality and texture, besides the prediction of length or time?

YZAM’s first participation in the Prague Quadrennial is Queue Machines, which is premiered as part of Formations. The project is applied to different queues leading to different spaces on the exhibition grounds. The project continues to explore zone X in different queueing situations – starting in PQ 2019 and moving to music festivals and queueing in the everyday cityscape. The tactics applied within our machines deal with varying layers of queueing such as shape, expectation, connections, spectacle, perception, priorities, repetition, mimicking, trace, intersections, and interactions.

Co-creators – Liam Monzer Alzafari, Nina Tind Jensen;
Technical Adviser – Eng. Anas Almohana;
Performer – Eva Jaunzemis


Country/Region Norway

Artists YZAM

07 06 2019 14:00
Where Plaza