Drift is an hour-long, site-specific performance using a simple, yet complex collective choreography of sound and movement designed to the plaza in front of the Industrial Palace. In Drift more then a dozen performers are following "invisible pathways" covering the plaza and its close surroundings. On these pathways the performers are carrying around portable speakers from which the site-specifically composed score of the piece creating a unique moving soundscape. These layers of interaction between performers and passersby will create a playful, intense presence at the Plaza and offer an opportunity for the audience to reflect on their feelings and behavior in public spaces. In the same time the constantly moving surround composition and the emerging organic choreography are creating a hypnotizing and unique audio-visual performance experience for the observers. The piece is a direct continuation of David Somló’s ongoing series of site-specific sound choreographies, such as Mandala and Length of a Distance.

"The simple restrictions/instructions open up an indulgence of complexity. A workshop in social relations. A microcosm would be the easiest one-word review. (...) The fundamental aspects of space and time are made and remade in Somló’s sensitive handling."
Alexandra Baybutt, Bellyflop Magazin – on previous performance Mandala.


Supported by Cross Attic, Prague, Workshop Foundation, Budapest .

12 06 2019 10:00
Continues 13 06 2019

Research Support: Daniel Makkai
Production Assistance: Cross Attic

Country/Region Hungary

Artists David Somló

12 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza