If life is our longest endurance performance with a beginning and an end, then we acknowledge our responsibility, as performers, to create a moment after a moment. The conscious choice to create becomes an attempt to overcome the limits of the personal sphere and strive for collectiveness and timelessness. In Pause, the artist repeatedly counts down from 10 to 1, loudly, in anticipation. Just like in theatre, action rises; the climax leads the quest into time’s unknown possibilities. The unavoidable references to Sylvester’s countdown, the bomb that is about to explode, the rocket that will fly to space, the green pedestrian sign waiting to light up in the street crossing, the anti-climactic - or even climactic - pauses produced in between are at the centre of the work. Each repetition allows a series of unexpected emotions to occur, surrendering to constant flux and its own vanity. The public is inevitably affected. No line divides the work from everyday life, calling for and embracing participation. The meditative performance instruction is executed as a statement; it remains static in the centre of the Plaza, informed by and reactionary to the surroundings, anticipating change in readiness.

12 06 2019 14:00
Continues 13 06 2019

Country/Region Cyprus

Artists Dimitris Chimonas

12 06 2019 14:00
Where Plaza