Melting Borders

Melting Borders is a live performance which is shown as a durational piece or a walking street action.

For Melting Borders Riccardo Matlakas created a head-structure which holds 5 ice creams.

Each ice-cream is coloured with natural colourings, the colours represent the color of the country he performs in.

The intention behind Melting Borders is to melt the political symbols and nationalistic components of countries and instead let the beauty of culture shine.

The point of Melting Borders is to melt, with the witty presence of ice cream, every border, to let us discover the beauty of culture, the sweetness of it.

In fact, what remains on his white shirt are the colours of the flag and the shirt itself becomes a painting, witnessing the melting process of the flag in question. The shirt becomes: “A sweet flag”.

Melting Borders has been performed in and created sweet flags of: the UK, Armenia, Ukraine, Poland and Jordan, on the occasion of granted residency places in the respective countries.

Ice cream was chosen for various reasons: It is internationally known to represent the so-called “developed society” and because it is loved by so many people internationally, it can serve as a connection of global cultures. Matlakas uses it as a symbol of peace.


Country/Region United Kingdom

Artists Riccardo Matlakas

11 06 2019 16:00
Where Plaza