The Contemporary Human’s Tragedy Project started in October 2016 to study contemporary human beings’ ways of facing the growing violence in the world we are living now. Wars, abuses as well as killings are all different forms of the violence and are at the center of our concerns. Violence is profoundly influencing human beings’ lives and is causing unavoidable disorders. A distinctive meaning for human beings as divine creatures with moral values doesn’t exist anymore, or at least not in this world.

And/Or/Pro/Methe is Beyn theatre group’s latest work born from The Contemporary Human’s Tragedy Project and is based on the Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus. In development of this work, Beyn got inspirations from the traditional mourning ceremonies of Muharram in the city of Yazd in Iran. Patterns such as beating chest with palms, weeping to the mourning hymens and strong beat of drums have been incorporated from Muharram ceremonies into Beyn’s performance to present a dramatic portrait of Prometheus and to symbolize causes of violence in human beings’ existence.

At PQ performance, studying nature and human behaviors which contain aspects of dialogism, polyphony, harmony and appeal will be the main focus of the group. In addition to the movement and music patterns that have been developed for "And/Or/Pro/Methe", all the unplanned interactions with surroundings and people will inspire actors to improvise poetic responses, movements and rhythms instantly.

09 06 2019 10:00 Kozí plácek (city center)

Director: Shahab Agahi
Music Director: Navid Gohari
Costume Designer: Shima Mirhamidi
Scenographer: Elahe Marjovi
Performer: Sara Akbari
Performer: Mohammad Majd Taheri
Performer: Niloufar Nedaei
Performer: Tahereh Hazaveh

Country/Region Iran

Presenting Organization Beyn Theatre Group

09 06 2019 10:00
Where Kozí plácek (city center)