Playing with time, scale, rhythm and repetition, three performers create temporary formations investigating folding rituals found in domestic, military, and religious situations.

During 3-hour periods, and over 3 days, the three performers fold and unfold fabric, creating and manipulating lines, divisions, and figural compositions in response to the Plaza.

Repeating the act of folding, but repeating it differently and in different combinations, the action continues and is reinvented again and again for the three hours.

The performance trio Grodin&Tonning&Hollænder are trying to explore how collective actions, movement, and the collaborative handling of objects and materials, create a tension between the accidental and the rehearsed. In Folds they are investigating the actual labor of the repeated action of folding, its tacit knowledge, but also the different cultural and historical rituals attached to the action.

Makers and Performers – Anne Hollænder, Erik Tonning Jensen, Sophie Grodin


Country/Region Denmark

Artists Grodin&Tonning&Hollænder

09 06 2019 16:00—10:00
Where Plaza