Fixing is a durational dance in which three performers map the arrival and intersection of visitors to the PQ with the topography of the Industrial Palace Plaza to transform it into a colorful landscape of visual echoes. From 11–13 June 2019, Fixing used the social activities of the Plaza as the catalyst for an accumulative movement score, mediated by the performer bodies and marked by chalk and/or yarn lines, drawn as a remnant of audience and performer aktivity that then alters what's visible and brings forth an evolving, imaginative, interactive installation for performers and audience to respond to.

The performers use their bodies as sorts of divining rods, embodying survey spots or junctures in the environment as active, human relationships to space and invite viewers to join in. These physicalized moments serve as performance “announcements” of what's encountered. Here mapping exists as a human act of noticing – the score is determined by what WE notice, what we do, and by others' work and by audience intervention. The overlapping topography of environment and social activity includes the humanity of the mappers and the mapped.

The visual maps and responsive movements of Fixing accumulate, deteriorate, expand, complicate, and distort the space over three full days, tracking the complexity of activity in the Plaza and proposing new opportunities for play, new ways of moving through the space. The dance concludes with the removal of the layered maps and a performed resonance of the maps and landmarks, once gone.


Country/Region USA, Poland

Artists Meg Foley, Natalie Robin, Marysia Stokłosa

11 06 2019 08:00
Where Plaza