What Can You Build Out of 1000 Bricks?

Our idea is based on a discovery of the unique collection of bricks found in Narva (Estonia), a city on the border of the EU and Russia. In response to this year’s theme the collection has been relocated to Prague, where the bricks become requisites in our performative installation. The project explores one of the essential architectural elements - the brick. The process of bricklaying becomes a starting point for the proposed performative action as it sits at the basis of multiple architectural, social, and philosophical concepts. The original collection, formed by Narva’s local collector Igor Gurov, consists of over one thousand bricks from various sites in the eastern parts of Europe: Estonia (including historical Livonia territory), Russia (Saint Petersburg Governorate), but also Sweden, Denmark, and England. The oldest of them were handcrafted in the middle ages and a considerable amount originate from the Soviet times and XIX century. It is the first time this personal archive will be exposed to the public while the audience will be invited to co-create a pattern-like construction from the actual bricks. In this way, a public space becomes the background for the intimate situation in which each brick reaches the status of an individual and precious object. Moreover we believe that the gesture of transporting the collection from the far end of Europe to centrally located Prague becomes a statement emphasising the individual qualities of these "ordinary" objects. We see the journey as a part of the performance which will reach its climax during the final presentation.

08 06 2019 11:00
Continues 09 – 11 06 2019

Author: Ann Mirjam Vaikla
Author: Szymon Kula
Collection owner: Igor Gurov

Country/Region Estonia, Poland

Artists Ann Mirjam Vaikla & Szymon Kula

08 06 2019 11:00
Where Plaza