Singing Wall

Singing Wall is presented by The Power Company Collaborative, a collective of contemporary dance artists in South Carolina, USA, teamed with architect Matthew Kennedy of Mexico City, MX and sound designer Evan May of New York City, USA. Also known as PoCoCo, The Power Company Collaborative produced Singing Wall as an experimental alternative to the much-debated proposed wall on the southern US border. The fundamental objectives of Singing Wall are to engage community, follow patterns in nature, and construct a system of human relationships. Motivated by their mission of empowerment for all people, PoCoCo seeks to cultivate connectivity, rather than create barriers between people.

Responding to those objectives, PoCoCo build a wall of energetic equanimity on the exhibition grounds at the Prague Quadrennial 2019 by engaging with the PQ community. PoCoCo invites volunteer participants to explore this exchange, cooperatively interacting along a designated pathway. Marked by unobtrusive, spire-like structures, the Singing Wall’s processional route is based on the Fibonacci series, a sequence of numbers that generates an expanding spiral pattern. Sound emanates to create a vibrating aural connecting web of sound.

Choreographer – Martha Brim;
Architect – Matthew Kennedy;
Sound Design – Evan May;
Choreographers, Performers – Erin Bailey, Amanda Ling;
Performers – Jessica Moore, Ashlee Taylor, Brailey Johnson, Sara Monts


Country/Region USA

Artists The Power Company Collaborative

08 06 2019 12:00
Where Plaza