One person per square meter is considered the limit to ensure individual comfort and safety in public space. A higher density already represents a risk and a grouping is seen as a crowd.

ONEby1 intends to question this metric and create an exploration tool of standardized and politicized individual space, to question its limitations and raise awareness of the space of the other.

This tool enables us to easily and intuitively measure and assess the space in which we insert ourselves both individually and collectively. It adds a new limit to our body, a geometrized and rational but flexible and permeable second skin, through which the movement is only perceptible when our supposed limits are exceeded and we enter the space that no longer belongs to us. This rational formatting of individual space and its consequent dystopian annulment allows to question private space but above all to value the way we interact, as we establish collective relationships of proximity and intimacy.

ONEby1 stimulates individual and collective dynamics through a multiplicity of possible combinations among those involved in this performance. It should also engage the public in unpredictable ways and catalyze the communication across this boundary.

08 06 2019 19:00
Continues 08 – 09 06 2019

Concept: Nuno Pimenta
Direction: Nuno Pimenta
Artistic Direction: Ana Renata Polónia
Coreography: Ana Renata Polónia
Set design: Nuno Pimenta
Financial Support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Creation support: Mala Voadora
Residencies: Companhia Instável
Didac Gilabert, Joana Quelhas Lima, Joana Lopes, João Dias, Maria Côrte-Real, Marta Ramos, Miguel C. Tavares, Nuno Filipe Costa, Nuno Mota, Teresa Santos

Country/Region Portugal

Artists Nuno Pimento & Ana Renata Polónia

08 06 2019 19:00
Where Plaza