is a public art work by two members of the interdisciplinary group a canary torsi, Yanira Castro and Kathy Couch, that spans over 7 days of PQ. It utilizes the form of a protest banner constructed of mylar to offer the public an impromptu rally.

The work consists of 3 elements: 4 processions through the streets of Prague carrying 8-meter long mylar banners starting at 4 sites important to Prague's revolutionary history, the entrance at the Prague Exhibition Grounds and interaction with the action currently at the Plaza, and the dissemination of the mylar as wearable structures for the public. The public is invited to join a procession by meeting at one of the 4 starting locations. As we wind through the streets, the mylar reflects, distorts and illuminates the surrounding architecture and public, offering both delight and disruption to the daily-ness of the streets. From a distance, this may look like a river or a ribbon threading its way through the city, calling people out and forward to join the weaving through the streets.

Towards the end of the festival, we transform the mylar into reflective boulders, winding paths, a barely visible river, a slice of light. Finally, the mylar is cut and transformed into wearable garments for the public, allowing the material to disperse out into the city.

Artists – Yanira Castro, Kathy Couch


Country/Region USA

Artists a canary torsi

08 06 2019 11:30
Where Old Town Square (Jan Hus Memorial)

09 06 2019 09:00
Where Karel Hynek Mácha Grave /Vyšehrad cemetery/

10 06 2019 17:00
Where Jan Palach Memorial

11 06 2019 11:00
Where outside Café Slávie