Disposable Species of Spaces

“What can we know of the world? What quantity of space can our eyes hope to take in between our birth and our death? How many square centimeters of Planet Earth will the soles of our feet have touched?”
– Georges Perec, Species of Spaces

Disposable Species of Spaces is an artistic walk that questions the links between intimacy and space and their boundaries in a specific place. An intimate story told by the performer makes the public (re)discover the space through a disposable camera during a walk along the Plaza at the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

The project is inspired by the works of Georges Perec. Using a disposable camera, the public is invited to follow the story of the performer through several hints. The project is an attempt to rebuild the perception of the space of the viewers: up/down, left/right, far/near, in front of/behind, but also the horizon, the emptiness, the unexpected; these notions are reinterrogated and reconnected in everyone’s imagination.

Therefore, the performance is designed around the very concept of ambulation. It is meant to take part in the development of poetics of the landscape, thus turning the act of walking into a sensitive exploration of the territory.

The use of a disposable camera gives the user an awareness of what he sees, what he really wants to “capture”, and allows him to keep a deep and precious record.

Disposable Species of Spaces is a poetic gesture to make visible our (in)attention to a specific space and to its multiple points of view.


Country/Region France, Colombia

Artists Lorena Hernández Puerta & Jérémie Kalil

08 06 2019 11:00
Where Plaza