The Circuit - A Movement Scenario

Born in Vietnam with Chinese Heritage, Moi Tran is an award-winning Artist, Researcher and Designer exploring intersections between Contemporary Art and Performance.

A refugee of the Vietnam War, her work explores displacement, addressing historical undertones of war, colonisation, immigration, and stereotyping tensions. She works in Live Art, Text, Object‑making, Installation, and Video to explore geo-political ideas as sites of knowledge production and ideas of protest in the diaspora community that address the value of personal capital and the role of transmitted memory.

The Circuit - A Movement Scenario is an improvised, durational movement piece based on the act of walking as performance and thinking, presented by female performers of East-Asian heritage with a live sound score. The Circuit uses dual coloured floor tape to demarcate a track varying in size and dependent on location.

While the walking movement precipitates the events in The Circuit, the duration of the piece moves from emotive to the cerebral. The women venture forth onto the track contemplating issues of diaspora, gender, intimacy, visibility, and unity. The Circuit explores a process of "soft activism" using mere presence to confront, question, and reclaim cultural and social misrepresentation. The arc of movement develops over time and glitches surface amidst the routines, gaining momentum, fragmenting the movement and imbuing the atmosphere with charged energies that wax and wane. Open and intimate, The Circuit manifests a viewing experience of physical and psychological intensity.

Artist – Moi Tran;
Performers – Makiko Aoyama, Jane Chan, Iris Chan, Sung Im Her, Hazel Lam, Jodie Judy Ying Chu Lu;
Sound, Costume – Moi Tran;
Production Manager – Ria Samartzi;
Company at Large – Nadine Cordial Settele, Mei Mac, Kumiko Mendl, Jenny Logico Cruz, Yen Ching Lin, Hae Yeon Lim, Yung Yee Chen, Nhu Xuan Hua, Deborah Lim


Country/Region Vietnam, United Kingdom

Artists Moi Tran

08 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza