Telephone Poles

Telephone Poles is a long durational performative installation. In front of the performer (Giorgio Bassil), a balance scale and a very long entangled cotton thread are placed on the floor. Each side of the thread is attached to a small wooden cylinder. The performer will be untying and rolling its border around the two identical cylinders. To reach the unmarked middle point of the thread, the artist will be constantly weighting both sticks together using the balance scale. When the sticks are not balanced, he will switch and untie from around the lighter cylinder’s side to maintain the balance. While unknotting on one side, the public is invited to imitate and untie from the other side, using the other stick. Performing alone or with the public, he will keep repeating the same process and maintaining the balance until the rope is all rolled on both sticks and the middle point is found. The result of this performance will be two connected ravels, each one rolled on a wooden cylinder, resting equally on each side of the scale. Finding the middle point with someone from the public is similar to having a discussion with a stranger and meeting halfway. On another level, the performance is an example of the best way to settle in an inner place of soft focus and ease: to find a sense of balance between different sides, feelings or thinkings, in one’s own head. The spectator, by taking the role of a performer, is aiming to dissolve the division between the two roles, and is open to have an experimental performative conversation that requires patience and observation.

07 06 2019 18:30
Continues 08 – 12 06 2019

Country/Region Lebanon

Artists Giorgio Bassil

07 06 2019 18:30
Where Plaza