Tangled is a performative durational creative work which explores the notion of the unpredictable and quirky within the nocturnal environments of the Prague Exhibition Grounds. Tangled consists of up to four inflatable and illuminated suits which are inhabited by two or three performers each. The suits are inflated, encumbering the people wearing them and forcing them to move in ways which are clumsy, ungainly, and unpredictable. Moving through the night time environment of the Prague Exhibition Grounds also creates challenges of navigation, encounter and the potential for failure.

The illuminated forms of the suits disrupt the way the performers move, emphasising some movements and hindering others. A jump becomes a bounce, climbing crowded stairs is like a python eating a pig, creating blockages, disruption, and moments of confusion.

The glowing shapes of the performers in Tangled create moments of wonderment as they move through the nocturnal spaces they encounter. Being illuminated allows the night time surroundings of the Tangled performers in the environments of Prague and the Prague Exhibition Grounds to be seen in a new way. Tangled reveals patterns of time and space through the constraints of breath, inflation and deflation and patterns which emerge from unpredictability.

Designer and Art Director – Antony (Ant) Nevin;
3/D Rendering – Elanor Pepperell;
Fabrication – Canvasland


Country/Region New Zealand

Artists Antony Nevin

07 06 2019 19:00
Where Plaza