A Journey on Moving Grounds

The performance developed by choreographer Nicole Morel and architect/set designer Lea Hobson is the result of a dialogue between sculptural 3D elements and bodies: it forms a morphing and dynamic installation according to time and space, movements and bodies.

This sculpted island, which adapts to the place and context in which it is placed, is composed of several blocks. At the beginning, they are grouped together in the center, and then the dancers, evolving and blending into the space by creating new forms and patterns, transform the structure. These new spatial configurations, combined with the dancers' movements, carry images that echo subtly the consequences of climate change.

Individual and common actions modulate the space and rebuild it according to a number of pre-established patterns and meeting points. The dancers have to complete their choreographic composition as close as possible to a basic instruction. The chosen rules define the nature of the encounters, mixing structures and bodies. The paths and meeting points vary inexorably each time, but the need to meet and build together is crucial. The gesture seeks a form of high energy and urgency. Each element is constructed in such a way that it can both move and be used as a support point for the dance. They are white and have varying sizes, reminiscent of drifting icebergs. The dancers and their movements and actions cause the decomposition of the basic structure and any subsequent re-compositions.

Concept – Nicole Morel, Lea Hobson;
Set Designer – Lea Hobson;
Choreographer – Nicole Morel;
Dancers – Laura Garcia Aguilera,
Vittorio Bertolli, Nicole Morel;
Costume Designer – Saskia Schneider;
Dramaturge – Ulrike Wörner von Fassmann;
Administrator – Juan Diaz;
Producer – Antipode Danse Tanz;
Co-producers – Festival Belluard Bollwerk International,


Country/Region France, Switzerland

Artists Lea Hobson & Nicole Morel

Partners Supported by Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts council

07 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza