Hunting the Tesseract

A scenic piece of reflective-didactic character in which dance is used as a tool for diffusing concepts from geometry taking the existence of dimensions as the main topic, focusing mainly on the fourth dimension. The concept of dimensions is created by humans as a means to understand the forms of the world. It so happens that to understand the forms we perceive in our daily life we need just three dimensions, but human minds have never stopped at what we can touch. The forms in our mind will always be more elaborated. For example, mathematicians and physicists have come to think of objects that are impossible in our perceived reality. In this piece, a group of explorers make a trip through various dimensions until they arrive in the fourth one and its objects, helping the audience perceive them and encouraging them to imagine other possible worlds.

Co-director, Choreographer, Designer, Dancer,
Producer – Daniela Cubero;
Co-director, Choreographer, Dancer,
Producer – Felipe Salazar;
Dancer – Felipe Alvarado;
Mechanical Engineering Consultant – Cristian Peraza;
Theoretical Consultant in Physics – Manuel Ortega;
Sacred Geometry Consultant – Fernando Blanco;
Technological services: INA (Instituto Nacional
de Aprendizaje);
Rehearsal space – TND (Taller Nacional de danza)


Country/Region Costa Rica

Artists Safari Poliédrico

07 06 2019 16:00
Where Plaza