Minotaur [club]

Minotaur [club] is a game in which the participants create unknown paths and scenarios by interaction with an AI agent. The project aims to propose a solution to problems of self-aware systems, specifically the problem of continuous adaptation of artificial agents in complex dynamic environments. This refers to the difficulty of creating artificial agents that can respond dynamically and intelligently to evolving complex situations. Environments are considered dynamic when there are changes in the structure of the environment, in the presence of multiple learning actors, or in the presence of human users.

Minotaur [club] is a place of meeting where various possible uses of AI, meta-learning and related threats and important social problems are critically tested and analyzed in a group of artists, performers, players, and hackers. The system is open because of the stream of data and the stream of artists: local artists, hackers, and musicians are invited to transform the space into an open club.

Performers are equipped with portable devices attached to their bodies. They are able to communicate with AI and take into account the suggested scenarios of simple actions. An AI agent is capable of understanding and providing the information you need in the game. It has emotive, social, and cultural competences.

Director – Robert B. Lisek (NL);
Architect – Karolina Kotnour (CZ);
Performers – Fundamental Research Lab;
Hackers – Tomáš Kajánek (CZ), Manuel Knapp (AUS), Dominik Podsiadly (PL)


Country/Region Poland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic

Artists Robert B. Lisek, Karolina Kotnour and Fundamental Research Lab

11 06 2019 20:00
Where Punctum

12 06 2019 12:00
Where Plaza