Peces Caminando!

In Peces Caminando! a school of six anthropomorphic fish travels through the city to explore and play with the patterns of behaviors and relationships that can be observed in the daily movement of people. The fish cross streets, get on public transport, walk through squares and wait for traffic lights together, always together, replicating the movement of the one in front.

Complejo Conejo proposes in this performance the image of the “school” as a metaphor of the “useful walk” present in modern cities; a walk where the “I” disappears, reducing the body to its minimum expression in the routine transfer from one place to another, a productive logic where the present is always postponed in function of a future duty.

Fish walk reproducing the daily journey of people, collecting and replicating actions of the same people with whom they interact on the street. Thus, the school crosses the city, assembling sequences of clearly defined movements that invite us to see and rethink the way in which we walk and relate to others in public spaces.

If the city is the sea, passersby are fish.

The first day the performance seeks to collect stimuli through the city until reaching Vystaviste. The school takes the rhythm of the city to the heart of Formations. The second day the tour is reversed, the Industrial Palace Plaza becomes the space from which the school is be nourished by new actions and stimuli, which are activated in the movement through the city. The school takes the pulse of Formations to the heart of Prague.

Director, Designer, Performer – Pedro Gramegna Ardiles;
Design Team (costume and mask making), Performers – Andrea Bustos Pizarro, John Álvarez Esparza;
Performers: Josefina Cerda Puga, Raúl Riquelme Hernández, Pablo Serey, Tomás O´Ryan, Jorge Cisterna, Valentina Vio Bidirnis


Country/Region Chile

Presenting Organization Complejo Conejo (performance collective)

07 06 2019 12:30
Where Plaza