Find the man who has nothing on his mind Find the child who has just discoverd her inner voice. Find the girl wondering if she likes her name. Iris is visual experience guided by a soundscape, leading participants through the Prague Exhibition Grounds on the Plaza in front of the Industrial Palace. The experience starts from a pattern found within the people present on the square: hundreds of mini universes. A voice guides you in an exploration of gaze and inner voice. You are invited to watch people on the square and to try to read them. We cannot possibly listen to another’s inner voice, so we make fictions of each other. Images from the outside become mixed and mashed, seeping to the inside. There is a story going on in the square and you are somehow part of it. As you watch the people on the square, the voice guides you in exploring where you, as a self, are. This creation is loosely inspired by the short story the Man of the Crowd by Edgar Allen Poe. It is created by the Belgian Canadian duo Astrid Bode and Britt Van Groningen.

07 06 2019 11:00
Continues 08 – 13 06 2019

Artist: Astrid Bode
Artist: Britt van Groningen

Country/Region Canada, Belgium

Artists Britt van Groningen, Astrid Bode

07 06 2019 11:00
Where Plaza