We build walls/we tear walls

We build a wall, you build a wall. We tear a wall, you tear a wall. Teo Paaer's piece is a performative installation about boundaries. It involves participants and audience in the act of building and tearing down a wall made of 175 white Carrara marble bricks.

The piece allows people to participate as performers. Anybody can sign up to participate. No prior skills or knowledge are needed. Performers are building the wall by taking bricks from the end of the wall and moving them to the front, making the wall move forward. They need to co-operate, communicate and coordinate the building process. Start and end points are set, otherwise the builders can choose the route for the wall and they choose how to tackle possible obstacles and problems.

Inspiration for the performance came from pattern as a behavioural phenomenon. When we try to tear down our own mental boundaries, attitudes, or ways of thinking we might find out that we have only managed to move and reshape them. The same problem can be found in society in general, where boundaries are constantly changing and reshaping but the building blocks stay the same. The wall and the act of building and tearing it down is an abstraction of our thinking, supposedly forward-thinking, and of how we are still stuck with the same building blocks.


Country/Region Finland

Artists Teo Paaer

07 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza