Passages is a silent ride carried out with a van with audience as passengers; sharing the physical and psychological boundaries of private and public spaces through the architecture, rhythms, and daily events of the city. It offers a space of attendance to the implications of our surroundings, their embodied thought and what establishes our sense of being in the world. Passages borrows from the subtle placement of events and estrangements of what already is, bringing simple twists to the perception of these spaces. This is an invitation to attend and listen to the daily structures of our experience of passing through.

Passages builds on the notion of the body as a dynamic integrator. Positing movement as its starting point it concerns itself with how and on what layers we embody the physical world; The projections, senses of interior, exterior and extending the body into its surroundings.

Armin Hokmi Kiasaraei, Kaja Mærk Egeberg, Rasmus Stenager Jensen, Patryk Wasilewski

Country/Region Norway, Iran, Denmark

Partners Funded by Arts Council Norway

07 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza